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Sunday, 8 January 2012

How to add a Watermark to your photos

How to add a Watermark to your photos.

This is how i add my watermark to my photos.  There are lots of ways to do it though.  I got my watermark from here
First go to and download.  It is 100% free and safe.

Once downloaded find the photo you want to watermark and right click and open with  And you will get this:

Then you need to click Layers, Import file and find where you have saved your watermark, click it and open.

You will then have this:

Adjust the size and position of your watermark. Once happy with it click File and Save as

Save your image as a jpeg, click OK and you will have this:

Click OK

Click Flatten

Then you are done. Click the X to close the program and this will come up. Click Save.  Then you are done!

This is what you will be able to open afterwards.

I hope that all makes sense, but if you do have any questions just email me or message me on Facebook x Kelly S xx

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Manderly said...

I have been looking for just this very thing! Thanks, Kelly!